The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.


Big tech companies track everything we do, everywhere we go, and in many cases, everything we say. Then they use that data to program A.I. computer systems which in turn are used to control our behavior. This is on top of the profits they earn by selling our personal information to endless corporations. Google and Facebook are the biggest offenders, but even automakers are jumping into the game.

In this video, Professor Shoshana Zuboff explains how it all works, and how it puts human society at risk.

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America's Future Under Democratic Party Rule.

This photo shows some of the dead prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp. The camp operated during the years that Fascists controlled Germany and most of Europe. If you think humanity learned its lesson, you need to think again. Today, Marxist Fascists pretending to be moderate Democrats are suggesting all kinds of radical and dangerous ideas on how their opponents should be treated. In addition to mass censorship and the cancel culture, they're suggesting re-education camps, psychiatric exams, a complete banishment from society, and even drone strikes against political opponents. And these ideas aren't coming from crazy fringe groups; they're coming from elected officials and media figures with massive audiences. 

We need to remember that Germany went from a civil society to one that slaughtered millions of their own citizens in just a few years. It happened there, and it will happen here if the Left gains all the power it craves and demands.

Harris-Biden: The Faces of Destruction.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden: two illegitimate "leaders" who will destroy freedom and democracy and set humanity back by 100 years or more. 

Facebook Is Fascism.

Save your privacy. Save your sanity.  Save your nation. Save humanity. Cancel Facebook right now.

What Is Marxist Fascism?

People don't typically associate Marxism with Fascism. But China created a new form of Marxism which combines the classic characteristics of Communism with tightly regulated Capitalism. In China, for-profit businesses are allowed to exist, if the state approves based on their analysis of need. You can open a coffee shop if the government thinks your community needs one. Otherwise, you can't. Of course every business in China benefits the Communist Party or else it wouldn't be approved regardless of community need, and that's the Fascist element of it. Consumers get the illusion of freedom of choice and the government fattens its treasury. The entire arrangement is held together by the totalitarian elements of surveillance, censorship, strict social controls, and the ever-present threat of severe punishment. Everything, ultimately, has to benefit the state. The needs of individuals have no importance in a Marxist Fascist society. Comply or suffer the consequences. Speak out, and you disappear into a work camp or you're simply executed. There's no middle ground.

Marxist Fascism is the form of one world government currently being pushed by the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations. It is sweeping across the earth faster than most of us ever predicted could happen, helped along by compliant and treasonous politicians and a completely corrupt "news" media who have exploited a fake pandemic and worked to manipulate elections.

Marxist Fascism is an existential threat to humanity. If it is allowed to continue, all of us now and for many generations to follow will be nothing but slaves to the wealthiest elite on the planet. They'll hold all the power. We'll be kept docile and compliant by the tools of fear and surveillance technology. 

Time is running out. We don't have decades to plan and fight. This is a war that has been delivered to our doorsteps. It's taking place now, all around you.

Take action. Or become a slave.

Decide now.