The government has no plans to return your freedom. How long will it take to realize that?

The global digital prison has to be destroyed before they finish building it. Once trapped inside it, humanity will be slaves in a system that cannot be escaped. For this will be not only a digital hell, but a psychological one as well. 


A Cyber Pandemic Could Be Used To Lock Us In A Digital Prison.

In this video from Trader University we're warned that a cyber pandemic, either a real or false-flag event, could be used by the world's governments as an excuse to restrict or ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Worse, such an event could usher in sweeping new restrictions on internet access and all things digital, including your bank account.

"Tech and AI are now strong enough to put us in a 1000 year prison of government control." -- Matthew Kratter

Now is the time to learn about the risks and take action to protect yourself and your family.

Violence Protects You!

Government thugs are here to protect your health. Pepper spray and batons are usually prescribed.

COVID Madness In Australia: Government Says People Should No Longer Speak To Others.

As if lockdowns, police brutality, censorship, and continuous fear-mongering by the fascist totalitarian governments of Australia aren't bad enough, now the public health officials of New South Wales are telling people they shouldn't talk to people while out in public and in fact should avoid virtually all human contact. It makes me wonder: are all the leaders in Australia demonic anti-life psychopaths?

It's beginning to look that way.

Two Words Can End Tyranny.

Totalitarianism can only take hold when the people agree to it. It stops when enough of us say "Fuck This" and back up the words with unified non-compliance.

We hold the power! Don't give it away to the psychopaths who want to control the world and shape it into their own twisted vision.