Rebel Resources: Free Signs To Download And Print.

It's time for freedom loving people to stand up, go out, and get really active pushing back against the psychopaths who want to enslave us and turn the world into their own giant paradise.

The internet has its place, but this war has to be fought in the real world if we're going to break the mind-controlling spell of endless propaganda that has put so many people in a trance, unable to see past the delusions that have been created for them. We have to be more visible in our communities. We need to be protesting on street corners, speaking up at city council meetings, writing to elected officials, standing up for the truth when we hear fiction being spoken, and living courageously while others live in fear.

Part of the effort can include hanging signs in public places. This lets us reach people who aren't on social media and shows that real people are out here who don't agree with the elite's fascist agenda. To help everyone get started, here are four signs in PDF format you can download for free and print at home. They were formatted for standard letter-size copy paper, but I suggest you use cardstock which lasts longer outdoors. Hang them up with tape or staples. But be respectful when you hang them and remember that posting signs may be illegal where you live. But also remember rules don't really apply when you're at war.

Download the signs here:

COVID Jabs Are Toxic!

Fight For Your Freedom Now!

Your Freedom Is Being Taken Away!

Masks Are Symbols Of Slavery!

Let's get busy! We're running out of time.