Remember Their Names.

Tyranny is sweeping across the world, funded by the super-wealthy elites who want to take everything from us. They want  total control over every person, every asset, and every resource on this planet and beyond. They're power-mad psychopaths driven by greed and devoid of empathy, and they've declared war against all of us.

Remember their names, because they will be punished for their crimes against humanity.

And stand with Australia, which is on the front line of this war. The elites are using Australia to see how far people can be pushed and oppressed before fighting back. Whatever works against the Aussies will definitely be used against the rest of us. 

Let's draw a line in the sand and tell the world: This stops here. The pushback begins now.

This Is Australia.

Police thugs assaulting and pepper spraying an elderly woman. Today it's Australia. Tomorrow it will be worldwide.

Unless we stop it now.

Violence Protects You!

Government thugs are here to protect your health. Pepper spray and batons are usually prescribed.

COVID Madness In Australia: Government Says People Should No Longer Speak To Others.

As if lockdowns, police brutality, censorship, and continuous fear-mongering by the fascist totalitarian governments of Australia aren't bad enough, now the public health officials of New South Wales are telling people they shouldn't talk to people while out in public and in fact should avoid virtually all human contact. It makes me wonder: are all the leaders in Australia demonic anti-life psychopaths?

It's beginning to look that way.

Pray For Australia.

Pray for Australia, a nation under siege by a government run by psychopathic tyrants.

Aussies, Rise Up!