The government has no plans to return your freedom. How long will it take to realize that?

The global digital prison has to be destroyed before they finish building it. Once trapped inside it, humanity will be slaves in a system that cannot be escaped. For this will be not only a digital hell, but a psychological one as well. 


History Repeats Itself.

We've seen this story before. Why are people falling for it once again?

The only things the COVID vax will free you from are good health, the ability to make your own decisions, and eventually, life itself. 

Learn history. Accept that we're being ruled and manipulated by horribly evil people. 

Let's not go to the death camps again.

[image credit: artist unknown: courtesy of The White Rose UK]

Now Is The Time!

Rise up! Stand strong! Push back! Unified non-compliance to tyranny will win this war. Waiting for someone else to act is no longer an option. Humanity is running out of time.

The Evolution Of An Idea.

Think concentration camps and a second Holocaust can't happen? This editorial cartoon shows the evolution of an idea from subtle authoritarianism to full-blown genocide. We've been down this road before. Why are we traveling down it again?