Passport To Slavery.

Melissa Ciummei and Sara Haboubi discuss the coming financial reset and how vaccine passports will be used to introduce digital tyranny to the world. Although our enslavement may seem to be inevitable, there is a simple non-violent way we can all stay free.

Monopoly: The Documentary That Will Change The World.

This documentary by Tim Gielen is amazing. In one hour it explains why our world is so dysfunctional, why it could get much worse, and how we can end human suffering by simply understanding that our misery is engineered by less than 1% of the people who control almost every corporation, government, politician, and financial asset on earth.

Do you want a better life for yourself and your family? 'Monopoly - Who Owns The World' will explain why we're in this situation and how we can defeat the elite and create a new awakening that leads to a better life for every one of us.

Watch it now and share it with everyone you know. You've been a slave for too long. Rise up and find freedom!

A Cyber Pandemic Could Be Used To Lock Us In A Digital Prison.

In this video from Trader University we're warned that a cyber pandemic, either a real or false-flag event, could be used by the world's governments as an excuse to restrict or ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Worse, such an event could usher in sweeping new restrictions on internet access and all things digital, including your bank account.

"Tech and AI are now strong enough to put us in a 1000 year prison of government control." -- Matthew Kratter

Now is the time to learn about the risks and take action to protect yourself and your family.

Stop The Digital Dictatorship!

The planned digital dictatorship will include a cashless society where all our money is stored on government issued and controlled cryptocurrency tied to a social credit system. You'll be rewarded when you obey their rules and you'll be fined when you forget you're no longer a free person. They'll be able to monitor your purchases and decide what you can and cannot buy. They'll also be able to cut off your funds if you leave your approved living area. And for the first time, money will have an expiration date, meaning you'll no longer be able to accumulate cash and build up your wealth. This is the future if we allow it. 

To fight back, Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense came up with idea of Cash Friday, one day a week where we ditch our credit and debit cards and pay with cash. This sends a message to retailers that cash matters, and it also keeps physical currency circulating in public.

Catherine Austin Fitts and her team at liked the idea so much they came up with a simple action plan which they promote on their website. This is all you need to do:

  1. Use cash whenever you can, but on Fridays use cash ONLY.
  2. Download the #cashfriday slogan and spread it on all your social media platforms.
  3. Keep it going for as long as it takes.

If you forget to do it on Friday, don't worry about it. Just do it on your next day out.

This is a simple thing you can do that Fitts says can really make an impact, even if only 10% of us do it. To learn more please visit the Cash Friday page at