It Will Take All Of Us To Prevent Global Genocide.

People often look back on Germany and ask how good people let it happen. We're living in similar times now, and good people are letting it happen again. Will you resist it before we have a global genocide?

"If you ever wondered if you, your family, or friends, would have complied in 1930's Germany, now you know."

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Musings From Dystopia.

Dave Cullen muses on the insane state of the world today. I always enjoy his work. It's high quality and well researched. For more videos from Dave, visit

Who Are The Real Racists?

The Left depends on racism to divide us, disrupt us, and weaken society so that their revolution can take place. That's why they're constantly looking for it, and when they can't honestly find any, they just lie and slap the "racist" label onto any target they think they can bully into submission. 

There's no doubt there have been inequalities throughout the history of humanity, but a tremendous amount of progress has been made worldwide over the past several decades. But the Left wants you to believe that things are now worse than ever and must be addressed immediately, using violence if necessary. In reality, the elites of the Left don't care about racism; it's just a tool they use to work up emotions and help get their poisonous ideology converted into law. Even if they were honestly concerned about racism, why don't they hold themselves accountable for it's creation and ongoing alleged existence?

The Left controls all of our institutions, and has for many years. The public schools, colleges & universities, the news media, the entertainment industry, local and state governments, and most of the federal government bureaucracy are all dominated by Marxists and Marxist sympathizers. If systemic racism really exists, who's fault is it? Obviously, it's the people who control our institutions while claiming to be victims of their own policies. 

But admitting that would require self-awareness and honesty, two things the Left has never embraced.

How The Pandemic Is Being Used To Control Humanity.

Throughout his life David Icke has been criticized and ridiculed for his research and beliefs. But it seems in the end, he's always right. Now in this video he blows the lid off the COVID conspiracy and tells us what it's really all about. This is well worth an hour of your time to watch. And then share it with anyone you think will actually watch it. The psychopaths who run the world are tightening their grip on humanity. We're running out of time.