You're Watching Your Digital Prison Being Built All Around You.

Implanted microchip payment and access systems, surveillance cameras, biometric identification, internet censorship, central bank digital currency (CBDC), home surveillance systems, and digital ID's are all virtual bricks in the walls of the digital prison that is being built around all of us. While many of these devices are being installed by governments and corporations, others, such as Ring doorbells and Amazon Echo, exist because people are voluntarily placing them in their own homes, desensitizing themselves to the presence of 24/7 surveillance. 

The digital prison will keep growing larger and stronger until there's no way to escape it. Everything we do and everything we say will be monitored. Your most personal information will be traded between government agencies and corporations. 

And all of it will be tied to your social credit score that will determine your ability to leave your home, get a job, and buy food.

It's not too late to stop it. But time is running out.

Fight back while you still can.

Racing Toward Enslavement.

This is humanity racing toward its own enslavement in a digital prison...addicted to technology, unwilling to stop feeding the beasts of Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, the news media, and international banks, voluntarily installing surveillance devices in their homes, allowing themselves to be tracked like cattle, and blindly obeying authority to their ultimate demise.

Unite To Save Humanity.

The freedom of humanity around the world is under attack by the wealthy elites who want total control over every person and every asset on the planet. These elites are sociopaths and psychopaths, devoid of morality and consumed by a lust for power. They're using a staged pandemic and the pseudoscience of climate change to take everything from us and lock us down in a nightmarish existence of enslavement enforced by technology and constant surveillance.

With each passing day we get closer to this grim and dehumanizing reality.

But we can stop it. 

Unified non-compliance will free us all and give us the chance to reach higher consciousness and enjoy unlimited possibilities.

The elites will hate it. But your grandchildren will love it.

Help make it happen by joining the social media group "Worldwide Freedom Now!" on both MeWe. Get inspired by the posts, add your own, meet new like-minded people, and make a real difference for the future.

The MeWe group is at

(The image above also shows a group at GAB, but that group has been closed.)

Passport To Slavery.

Melissa Ciummei and Sara Haboubi discuss the coming financial reset and how vaccine passports will be used to introduce digital tyranny to the world. Although our enslavement may seem to be inevitable, there is a simple non-violent way we can all stay free.


The government has no plans to return your freedom. How long will it take to realize that?

The global digital prison has to be destroyed before they finish building it. Once trapped inside it, humanity will be slaves in a system that cannot be escaped. For this will be not only a digital hell, but a psychological one as well. 


Stop The Digital Dictatorship!

The planned digital dictatorship will include a cashless society where all our money is stored on government issued and controlled cryptocurrency tied to a social credit system. You'll be rewarded when you obey their rules and you'll be fined when you forget you're no longer a free person. They'll be able to monitor your purchases and decide what you can and cannot buy. They'll also be able to cut off your funds if you leave your approved living area. And for the first time, money will have an expiration date, meaning you'll no longer be able to accumulate cash and build up your wealth. This is the future if we allow it. 

To fight back, Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense came up with idea of Cash Friday, one day a week where we ditch our credit and debit cards and pay with cash. This sends a message to retailers that cash matters, and it also keeps physical currency circulating in public.

Catherine Austin Fitts and her team at liked the idea so much they came up with a simple action plan which they promote on their website. This is all you need to do:

  1. Use cash whenever you can, but on Fridays use cash ONLY.
  2. Download the #cashfriday slogan and spread it on all your social media platforms.
  3. Keep it going for as long as it takes.

If you forget to do it on Friday, don't worry about it. Just do it on your next day out.

This is a simple thing you can do that Fitts says can really make an impact, even if only 10% of us do it. To learn more please visit the Cash Friday page at